Greedy Bear Mum by Sergey Krasnoshchokov. The Daily Mirror.

Andrey Pavlov’s Fantasy Ants. The Daily Mirror.

Russian Skywalkers. The Sun.

Ants Powerlifters. The Sun.

This damselfly is thinking of you! In the Metro.

Mlynki cave in Ukraine. The Metro.

Life above the clouds in Nepal. The Metro.

Mantis Riding a Bike in the Daily Mail

Matteo Walch and his friends marmots in the Daily Mail

Just Owling With Laughter. In The Metro

On the Top of the World. In Swiss “20 Minuten”

Dancing Tigers in Vienne. The Daily Mirror

Merry-Go-Round-Crane in Moscow. The Metro

Hard Life of Albino Seal Pup in The Sun

Who’s a scaredy-cat? Brave moggy sees off a big fox in The Daily Express

Feathers fly in The Daily Telegraph

Amazing White Rainbow in The Independent


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