That’s a wild tongue lashing! A cheeky giraffe in Kenya. The Daily Mirror.

Big cat attacks! Wildebeest fights off an attack in Kenya. The Daily Telegraph.

Gosha in the cone! White bear Gosha is playing in Khabarovsk Zoo. Finnish”Iltalehti”.

YOU try standing on one leg! Clumsy flamingo in Moscow Zoo. The Daily Mail.

Friends take walk on the wild side. Indian girl and a wild otter in Panama. The Times.

Lunch on the run. A poor flamingo and a hungry hyena. The Independent.

Stars and Stripes. Star Trails above Annapurna, Nepal. The Independent.

Love is in the air. Cuddling bears in Canada. Daily Express.

Bearing a grudge. Bears’fight in Russian Far East. The Sun.

The top dog who learnt to cling on for a ski lift. German Shepherd on skier in German Alps. The Times.

Spitting feathers. Brave goose and goshawk not far from Moscow. The Independent.

It’s Madagas-car Marty. Cheeky zebra smiling inside a car. The Sun.

Heaven’s above. Georgian church on the rock. The Daily Mirror.

Hungry Pelican. Hungry pelican and a seagull in Namibia. The Daily Mirror.

Spectrum with a spook. Optical phenomenon in Ukraine. The Metro

I just can’t BEAR it. Shy bear in Moscow Zoo. The Daily Mirror.

Die Streichelhoernchen. Kissing/hugging squirrels in Minsk, Belarus. German”Bild am Sonntag”.


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